Common questions & answers


Q:  How much do you charge?
A: I believe in keeping birth packages reasonable, because babies are kind of expensive already (if you haven't heard).  Packages start at $350.  If you schedule a birth shoot, you will also receive 10% off of a newborn session.  Along with your birth session you will receive your images via digital download.

Q:  How soon should I schedule my birth shoot?
A:  Right away!!  It's never too soon to schedule your birth shoot.  Summer/Fall spots fill quickly, so the sooner the better!

Q:  How does it work?  When should I contact you to come to the hospital?
A:  I like to keep in touch with mom's the last 4 weeks before you are due.  We will chat about your doctor appointments, your progression, and any other concerns you or the doctor may have in regards to your impending labor & delivery.  I will have you text or call me when you go in to labor, and depending on how quickly (or slowly) you are progressing, I will come to the hospital when you are dilated to a 6.  

Q:  Do you stay in the room the whole time?
A:  Labor & delivery is a very special time for you and your partner.  I try my best to give you space while still documenting the experience in its entirety.  I will pop in and out of the room through out my time there, making sure to capture all of those essential moments.  When the doctor or nurse checks you for progression  or performs any other proceduresI will step out of the room to give you privacy.  Once it's time to push I will stand and the head of your bed and shoot the entire time.  I usually end up staying about an hour after baby is born, making sure to document all of those first precious moments. 


I also like to tell couple's that a huge advantage to hiring a birth photographer is that both of you can be wrapped up in the experience and each other, rather then feeling the pressure to take pictures and get "that first shot".  You can sit back, relax, and be completely engaged in the moment while I preserve it for you.  It's a win for everyone!

Q:  Will you be sharing my birth photo's online?
A:  I understand that birth photography is very intimate, and because of that I will be previewing any photo's I am thinking of sharing on my page's-you are free to "veto" any photo's that you would rather not have shared on my facebook page. 


Q:  I am having a c-section, can I still hire you to photograph our birth?
A:  YES!  C-section  birth shoots are a little different, given the fact that most hospital's have a policy of only having one other person in the OR.  However that doesn't mean that there isn't a lot for me to photograph!  We can start at the beginning as you and your partner walk into the hospital to have your baby, and go from there!  Depending on your individual circumstance, I may even be allowed to photograph the actual birth from the operating room window.  After your baby is born, I can shoot all of those first precious moments.  You deserve to have this special delivery preserved just like every other mom!

**please take note that I am currently only accepting births in Owatonna.