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Zach & Ellyse | Baby #3

Way back when it was still warm out I had the pleasure of photographing this growing family.  Addie was one of my very first newborn shoots, 2 years ago.  It's crazy to think that since then they have added 2 more kiddo's!  
These guys are always a good time, and I can't wait to photograph the newest family member later this week!

Congratulations Elmhorst Family!



Hougas #3

I always feel to privileged to be able to document families as they grow.  The Hougas family is expecting their third (whew!  I'm tired just thinking about it!) little blessing very soon.  It's been pretty cool to watch them grow as a family of two to a family of 5 in the past several years.
These guys really know how to cut a rug.  They are always such troopers!  We had a quick in home session (because it's flipping cold out) to celebrate the highly anticipated arrival of the newest little family member.  

Congratulations Hougas Family-I can't wait to meet your little dude! 




I had a great time at my first "puppy-love" shoot!  
This session was extra special, and here's why... 

[a few words from my sweet friend Hillary] 


"Lily has not only been our pet but she's been a part of our little family for the past 6 1/2 yrs.We adopted her when she was only 9 weeks old & she has truly taught us so much. Lily has filled our hearts with love & joy each and everyday!

After numerous doctor's visits, testing & lastly an ultrasound we were absolutely heartbroken to hear she was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma sarcoma.
Her cancer is systemic & quite aggressive. We decided it wouldn't be fair to put her or us through any forms of treatment/chemotherapy.
At this time we are keeping her comfortable & happy, as we cherish our time with her.

Lily enjoys spending time outside watching the children play next door at the daycare & we so hope she is able to meet 'her baby' come this November!
She has truly been looking forward to being a big sister for a long time.

Please keep our girl in your thoughts/prayers. Matt & I appreciate everyone's love & support so so much.

She will always be our sweet Lily."

--Matt & Hillary


Terres Family

Erin & I used to kick it back in preschool, but had lost touch in the past 20-some years.  She was the winner of a giveaway-and when I realized that we were long lost pals I was so excited.  
Bonus: she has an adorable 19 month old and an adorable baby belly.  Little Olivia is a doll-and with both sets of grandparents there for this photo session she was in heaven!  Did I mention there were also pink balloons?  She was pretty thrilled about that too.  





A pretty appropriate Mother's Day Shoot.

Already a mother to 2 beautiful little boys, my friend Carlie is expecting her 3rd child in August.  They don't know if it's a boy or a girl, but whatever the baby is it's going to be cuuuute.  I can't wait to find out!  

Carlie is a photographer & doula, to find out more about her services go here:



The "C" Family

Baby belly's.  I love them.  
I might be that old lady that walks up and rubs random strangers pregnant baby bumps in the grocery store-and technically that isn't harassment...and if it is who is going to arrest an old lady?  
Abby is one of the cutest pregnant women out there-and to be completely honest I'm not confident that she didn't just duck tape a basketball to her torso.  She looks great!  
Baby sister should be here soon, and when she arrives she is in for quite the treat-because she has one of the best families around!
Congratulations "C" family, can't wait to see your precious little girl!