Terres Family

Erin & I used to kick it back in preschool, but had lost touch in the past 20-some years.  She was the winner of a giveaway-and when I realized that we were long lost pals I was so excited.  
Bonus: she has an adorable 19 month old and an adorable baby belly.  Little Olivia is a doll-and with both sets of grandparents there for this photo session she was in heaven!  Did I mention there were also pink balloons?  She was pretty thrilled about that too.  




The Yauch Family

If you know them you know this: They are fun.  
I can't think of any other way to describe this session other than to say that it was just fun.  
These people know how to love fiercely, laugh fiercely  and live fiercely.  
Thank you Yauch family for a splendid photo shoot.