Skalicky Family


I love when last minute shoots work perfectly!  
Everything came together for this quick family session-including the beautiful fall like temperatures!   
3 adorable girls, golden sunlight, and a loving family made this shoot easy (bonus: mom has the most contagious smile I've ever seen) !!  
The entire time I edited these photo's I kept thinking to myself "I just love photographing families"...because really-isn't that what's most important?  

Love.  Enjoy.  Share.




7 years ago I got married.   I guess that's pretty cool.  Seven years feels pretty legit.  
We celebrated by sending the kids to Grandpa & Grandma's so we could do nothing.  Literally.  One notch away from sitting and gazing into space.  And if felt awesome.  

Well, not quite nothing-but without two kids in tow it felt like nothing.
We walked around the Farmer's Market, went to a book store, the library (Oh my goodness, getting to browse through book's that aren't located in the children's section?  What a treat), and Old Town Bagels (if you haven't been there-stop what you are doing right now and go.  You won't be sorry.  Best Ham & Cheese melt I've ever had).  

It was so nice not to rush and just be.  Also, I am quickly discovering that I will always come up empty handed when trying to succeed at a couple selfie.  
Duly noted: we will look like goons.
 I'm sharing them anyway-laugh with me friends.  

There have been a lot of things I'm unsure about-but the one thing that I've always known is that we were meant to be partners for life.  

Also we make cute babies.  Which can't hurt.




The Yauch Family

If you know them you know this: They are fun.  
I can't think of any other way to describe this session other than to say that it was just fun.  
These people know how to love fiercely, laugh fiercely  and live fiercely.  
Thank you Yauch family for a splendid photo shoot.