Camden | Newborn


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My time with Camden reminded me of all the reasons why I love to document newborns exactly as they are.  

The love that each family member has for this new little life is so abundant & evident.  I loved to watch his older sister & brother kiss his little cheeks & admire those teeny tiny fingers.  Ben & Katie were both beaming with pride for Camden, and as someone who has known this family for many, many (many) years, I can truly say that it feels as if he has always been here.  He just fits.  

Welcome to the world little bud.


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Zach & Ellyse | Baby #3

Way back when it was still warm out I had the pleasure of photographing this growing family.  Addie was one of my very first newborn shoots, 2 years ago.  It's crazy to think that since then they have added 2 more kiddo's!  
These guys are always a good time, and I can't wait to photograph the newest family member later this week!

Congratulations Elmhorst Family!



Lucy turns one

That first year.  So intense.  
No other life event could possibly pack so much joy, love, fear, frustration, confusion, and euphoria into 12 short months.  

It has been such a delight to photograph Lucy through out this past year as I watched this family grow together.  

It seems like just yesterday she was a helpless newborn.  Now she is an independent, feisty, hilarious, full of love and life toddler.  Running, laughing, jumping, and playing-there is nothing stopping this girl.  

I love when I have friends and clients that are on board with letting their children and family be vulnerable for photos.  No posing, no directing, no saying "cheese".  Documenting real life, in real time.  Cherishing memories that would have otherwise been easily forgotten.  That's the business I want to be in.  

Happy 1st Birthday Lucy-you're goin' places.  


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Baby Oscar

I'll be honest, up until this past year I had seriously thought about giving up on newborn sessions.  They never seemed to work for me.  I fully embraced lifestyle photography in all my work, but when it came to newborns I was stuck in an unproductive rut of attempting to produce images that were not my style.  Prop style newborn photography is absolutely gorgeous, and I marvel at the photographers who have the ability to patiently wait for these tiny little bodies to fall in to a deep sleep, and place them in the most heavenly little poses.  Beautiful!  But you know what?  That's not me.  

The thing I love most about lifestyle photography is opportunity to document what's real.  And what I've found to be real, is that newborns are happiest when they are in mom or dad's arms.  I want you to remember what you felt like holding that new little baby-because one day soon, those memories will become hazy.  I want you to remember how tired you were, how overwhelmed you were, how amazing it was that "this" many days ago that baby was still inside you, how your baby was probably, but most definitely the cutest little baby that you had ever seen, and how you never knew that it was possible to love another human being this much.  My newborn sessions are family-focused.

That's what lifestyle means to me.    

Now that I've said all that, let me introduce to you Oscar.  He is clearly adorable, squeezable, kissable, and about 20 other kinds of "ables".  His parents were super brave and traveled over an hour for this session.  It was really fun to document his newness.  I hope you enjoy.




Irene at 6 months

Alert!  This is a personal post.  In photography there is always a healthy mixture of personal and professional, and today I want to share some personal!  
Little Miss Irene is now 6 months old!  I can't even believe I just typed that.  6 months.  That's half a year, folks.  And while sometimes it seems like time can't move fast enough (hello, it's been a looong winter stuck inside)- most of the time I want to pull back the reigns and slow time down.  
It's true what they say, the second child goes so much quicker.  I'm still learning how to be a mother to two, and by my estimation-that might be a never ending life process.  
My dear Irene, you came in to this world a sweet spirit.  
You love to cuddle, laugh with your sister, read books, and lunge for everyone's food.  You are calm, curious, and full of joy.  You are our world.



I. love. 3 month olds.

There, I said it.  Chubby legs, little giggles, & purposeful babble.  
I love it all!  Charli is an adorable little girl, with adorable parents, living in an adorable home.  
That's a whole lot of adorable folks.  



My first blog post!  Let's just jump right in, shall we?

What can I say?  Sweet baby Lucy has stolen everyone's heart who has had the pleasure of getting to know her.  I loved being able photograph this adorable family, in their adorable home.  Those cheeks, those eyes (my goodness, those eyes), I just wanted to squeeze her...softly.  Stop growing up so fast Lucy.  That's an order.

Love you "K" family!