Jeremy & Lauren | Hitched

Jeremy & Lauren | Hitched

What was supposed to be a gorgeous ceremony on the banks of the Mississippi quickly turned into a gorgeous ceremony in a historical chapel.  

A torrential downpour did not stop this couple from having a beautiful wedding day.  They handled the very last minute change in venue (like, "having the chapel set up within seconds of guests arriving" type of last-minute) in stride.  Never skipping a beat.  

I loved being part of their day.

Congratulations Jeremy & Lauren!


Ben & Mary

I could get super wordy about this one.  

So I'm going to save you all the novel and say this:  I could never imagine a better mate for my sister.  I love her and Ben so much-and we are so thankful to have them as friends, family, and a kick-ass Aunt and Uncle to our kiddos.  

We love you guys!

Location: Grand Marais, Minnesota