cooke family-a surprise pregnacy reveal!


cooke family-a surprise pregnancy reveal

this beautifully blended family of 9 is about to become a family of 10! (TEN!)

i have always wanted to photograph a surprise pregnancy reveal, so when tasheena contacted me several months ago with her idea, i was SO on board.

i have to say, from an observers standpoint, this was one of the most touching & emotional things i've ever been able to document.  i gave each of them a little chalkboard to write down something nice about each other- so when it was tasheena's turn to turn her board around jared was taken totally by surprise.  what a tenderly beautiful moment in this family's life.  i did not leave this shoot dry eyed!

congratulations cooke family on this new chapter in your life!  i hope you get to show these priceless moments to your great-great grandchildren someday.  :)