the anderson's - a home shoot


the anderson family

i am always delighted when someone contacts me interested in doing a shoot in the home.  there is always something so genuine & unique about home based sessions.  

they are laid back, and focus on documenting each family member in their natural habitat.  there is something really special about them, and for me-they are the most fun to shoot.  

after messaging back and forth with lindsay for a few days she wrote me and said "hey-i think we're neighbors..."  let's just say my commute was pretty short to her home.  from there we connected on our mutual love of all things home design & interiors!

i had such a lovely time photographing their family.  they genuinely had fun with each other, and weren't afraid to play-i love that!  their two little girls are basically perfect & the cutest things ever.  

i hope they enjoy these images as much as i did taking them.

with love,