irene edelweiss

edelweiss, edelweiss
every morning you greet me, small & white
clean & bright
you look happy to meet me. 

the fact that the statement "i can't believe she is 4!" has been on repeat in our house lately, goes to show how new she really is.  because 4 years is a short amount of time.  

there is something about irene, that to us, still feels so new.  even though 4 years have passed since i labored peacefully through the night, and watched the golden sunrise as i held a new little person in my arms, i still feel this sense of newness.  

i think a lot of that has to do with the fact that we just never knew if we would be able to hold another little baby in our arms.  i was a high risk pregnancy due to not only a blood clotting disorder that increases your chances of stillbirth.  but because of my previous ectopic pregnancy loss, there was an increase chance of loosing her as well.  the fear & anxiety lasted the entire time i carried her, and the first time i held her in my arms i physically felt a massive weight i had been carrying day and night leave my body.

she is the sweetest, most joyous addition to our family.  michael, ingrid, & i treasure her in what feels like, a very unique way.  

irene is always so full of joy, mischief, and humor.  
a few things she is loving at 4: 
baby dolls
all things chocolate
tim burton cartoons
brown soup
spicy cheese
kitties & chickens

there has not been a day, an hour, or a minute that has gone by in the past 4 years that i am not overwhelmed with gratitude for her life.  

the world keeps spinning because your heartbeat exists.

happy birthday, my love