The O Family | Expecting


I really haven't blogged in a long while.  For whatever reason my blog posts don't seem to reach a huge number of viewer's on facebook- so I kind have just been adopting my Grandma's phrase of "WB".  (for those of you who don't know  "WB"- it means "why bother".......because you know, time saver.)  

Anyway-I want to get back on the wagon.  Or is it off the wagon?  I can never remember.
My dearest pal Hillary is having her 2nd baby!  I was so lucky to photograph her & Matt as they became parents, and I'm hoping all the stars align to give me that opportunity one more time.  

There is so much I could say about these guys-but if you know them, I probably don't have to.  They are warm, kind, & extend love to everyone they meet.  And "baby Elle" (as my girls still call her-even though she is almost 2) is following in their footsteps.  

I can't wait to meet this new addition & find out if it's a "he" or a "she"!  

Hill- I love you & your beautiful family. Thanks for being such an amazing friend.  And for letting me live vicariously through you & braid your luscious locks.  ;)