Otto | Birth

I think somewhere deep down I've always known that I want to work with pregnant, birthing, & postpartum women.  What was always a deep interest has really developed in to a passion, something that really makes my blood flow.  
Childbirth is a powerful experience, and it is one that can either empower you, or traumatize you.
I believe all birth is beautiful.  Whether you had a c-section or gave birth naked in the woods with no assistance.  A human being grew inside of you, and then it came out.  What a miracle.
Recently I have heard several women say that they had ill feelings toward their experience, comparing it to other women's births.
If you relate with that at all, I beg you to stop.

Own your story, even if it wasn't what you had planned.  I have had 2 experience's with birthing babies, and neither of them went exactly as I had wanted.  I dealt a lot with wishing my labor's/deliveries had been like the experiences of those around me.  It wasn't until just recently that I stopped that.  You know why?  Because my story is uniquely mine, no one else on this planet earth knows what it was like to be me in that moment.  I own it.  I let it empower me as a women & as a mother.  
So if you have been envying someone else experience, I just encourage you to embrace your unique, one of a kind story.

Own your emergency c-section.  Own your 30 minute labor.  
Own your 32 hour labor.  Own your 4 hours of pushing.
Own your choice to have a natural birth.  Own your choice to get an epidural.  
Own it.


This is Amber's story.  
Her labor was long, and so incredibly hard.  
Her strength & determination knew no bounds.  One of my favorite things from the day was watching the interaction between her & her husband.  I'm pretty sure Aaron never took his eyes off his wife, and I can only imagine how tortures it must be to watch your spouse be in that much agony, and not be able to do anything about it.  He was ever present & encouraging, and it had me in tears more than once.  Such love.

Meet Otto.  10lbs 14oz of pure joy.

Congrats Freisen Family, you are so blessed.

(on a side note:  after days in labor and hours and hours of pushing, Amber still had a smile on her face and the room in stitches.  Infectious joy)

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