This year my baby turns four.  I love her more than life.

It's inevitable, that on this day I think back to the 22 hour (unmediated) labor of love it took to bring her into this world.  It's no doubt that has become a significant life story for me, and every year on August 16th I will think back & remember every contraction, every deep breath, and every mind-numbing push it took to deliver her into this world & into my arms.  

This past year has brought significant changes to our family, in every good way possible.  We welcomed a new baby, & I was overwhelmed and inspired to watch how naturally Ingrid took to being a big sister.  I am proud every day.  My heart almost explodes when out of the corner of my eye I see her run over to Irene, unprompted, give her a kiss and whisper, "I love you".  

Dear girl, you are still a shimmering princess who loves to sing & dance.  You're smart as a whip & funny as all get out.  
But I think one of my very favorite things about you, besides your need to sporadically break into song and dance, jazz hands included, is your heart of gold.  
At 4 years old, you have the maturity and ability to empathize with others in a way that I wish many grown adults could.  

My hope for you is that you continue to love others and always stand up for truth.  Remain tenderhearted, but stay fiercely passionate. 

Most of all, keep being you.  Because you're awesome.

Happy Birthday, love.

(if you can't tell by these photo's, she sang & danced almost the entire "session")