A Personal Post

Recently I got hip & purchased an iphone.  

I have quickly realized that there is no way for me to successfully get out of the house, holding a 3 year old's hand while having a baby in the other arm and lugging around my heavy (expensive) camera.  I would drop something, & hopefully it wouldn't be one of the children.  That is why I got hip & got an iphone.  The ability to take photo's of my kids doing things other would consider to be mundane & boring (really, another photo of your kid going down the slide?  Enough already) but that I will be forever grateful for was just so enticing.  Plus, I can edit them with my favorite presets?  What?  Sign me up.  

One of my concerns with buying an iphone is that it's just so easy.  I didn't want to stop photographing the everyday things around our house because I can just whip out my phone, edit, and share.  
Bing, bam, boom.  
I still wanted to put thoughtful effort into documenting our lives. 

This morning I pulled out the big guy ( I have still yet to name my camera, but I'm taking suggestions.)  and photographed all the little things I love about our mornings.  Nothing earth shattering or jaw dropping.  
Just pajamas, oatmeal, snuggles.  

But they are the things I love most.