7 years ago I got married.   I guess that's pretty cool.  Seven years feels pretty legit.  
We celebrated by sending the kids to Grandpa & Grandma's so we could do nothing.  Literally.  One notch away from sitting and gazing into space.  And if felt awesome.  

Well, not quite nothing-but without two kids in tow it felt like nothing.
We walked around the Farmer's Market, went to a book store, the library (Oh my goodness, getting to browse through book's that aren't located in the children's section?  What a treat), and Old Town Bagels (if you haven't been there-stop what you are doing right now and go.  You won't be sorry.  Best Ham & Cheese melt I've ever had).  

It was so nice not to rush and just be.  Also, I am quickly discovering that I will always come up empty handed when trying to succeed at a couple selfie.  
Duly noted: we will look like goons.
 I'm sharing them anyway-laugh with me friends.  

There have been a lot of things I'm unsure about-but the one thing that I've always known is that we were meant to be partners for life.  

Also we make cute babies.  Which can't hurt.