The Birth of Isabella

Earlier this year I was able to photograph several birth's in the span of just a few weeks. Talk about a high!  

It was such a wonderful opportunity to photograph baby Isabella's birth.  This was the 4th time the momma had done this, so she pretty much had it down.  Isabella came fast.  There was no time for an epidural- but Aryanna handled it so beautifully   The nurses kept saying "Wow!  You're so calm!"---and she was!  

This went so quickly that the doctor made it there just in time.  In one good push baby Isabella was here.  Let me repeat push.  I'm guessing that's a "4th" baby thing.  

Thank you Rudy & Ary for allowing me to document the birth of your baby.  It was beautiful, and I will never forget it.  

What a lucky little girl.