The Birth of Estella Love

Oh heavens

I have no idea how to describe the privilege and honor it is to document a birth.  Where do I even start?  How could I possibly put into words what it is like to witness a miracle?  I've been lucky enough to photograph it a few times, and even more lucky to have gone through in a couple of times myself.  

I've read that birth photographers need to keep their emotions in check.  
"You are there to observe, not participate-remain unemotional."
...and while I have no problem remaining in the background, quiet & discreet, I've never fully been able to adhere to that advice.  Tears of praise and wonderment have fallen from my eyes every time I watch a tiny little life gasp for air for the first time, or when I witness a mother laying eyes on her child that she has dreamed about and hoped for, or when I observe a Father falling in love with his wife all over again as she bears down and push's brand new life into the world.  

You better believe I cry.

I am so thankful to Sean and Felicia for allowing me to share these photo's.  Birth is an intimate and powerful experience and Felicia handled every bit of her labor like a trooper.  I watched her go through the long wait of a first labor--and she did amazingly well.  It became obvious that it was time to push when the pressure continued to build, and I saw her slip in and out of conversation & concentration.  

She pushed, and she pushed, and out slipped a tiny, beautiful life-into the arms of her loving parents.  

Two became three. 

and it was beautiful. 

.Estella Love.