The Birth of Camden

.the birth of camden.

It must be something in the water, but every birth I've photographed lately has been crazy fast.  I was emailing with Katie the morning of her induction, and it sounded like there was a possibility she would be sent home.  
About 40 minutes later, to everyone's surprise, Camden William Hougas was born-and he came in with a bang! 
I was so thrilled that I arrived in time (barely!), although I might have broken a few laws getting there.  

It was such a thrill to document Camden's birth.  Katie did Ahhhhh-mazing.  If you've had a quick labor then you know how intense it can be (or any type of labor for that matter!).  Cheers of encouragement rang through the room as Katie brought into this world brand new life, all 9lbs 11oz of it.  Camden is baby #3 for this couple, and it's pretty obvious how lucky he is.  

Ben & Katie, it was such a privilege to photograph the birth of your son.  I hope these images become family heirlooms, so that you are able to always remember what those first precious moments as a family of 5 felt like.  


Camden William Hougas
9lbs 11oz, 21"

Click play, and enjoy!