Lucy turns one

That first year.  So intense.  
No other life event could possibly pack so much joy, love, fear, frustration, confusion, and euphoria into 12 short months.  

It has been such a delight to photograph Lucy through out this past year as I watched this family grow together.  

It seems like just yesterday she was a helpless newborn.  Now she is an independent, feisty, hilarious, full of love and life toddler.  Running, laughing, jumping, and playing-there is nothing stopping this girl.  

I love when I have friends and clients that are on board with letting their children and family be vulnerable for photos.  No posing, no directing, no saying "cheese".  Documenting real life, in real time.  Cherishing memories that would have otherwise been easily forgotten.  That's the business I want to be in.  

Happy 1st Birthday Lucy-you're goin' places.  


.music by Owl City.